Avoid Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Common Weight Loss Mistakes
Common Weight Loss Mistakes


Avoid the Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes


Maybe you’re humming along with your weight loss plan and you’re doing a great job picking healthy foods, getting regular exercise, and keeping yourself motivated; however, even when you’re on the right track, there are probably small tweaks you can make to better maximize your weight loss strategies. Here are some common weight loss mistakes you should avoid if you want to lose weight fast.



You Count Calories – Make Sure You Actually Know How Many Calories You Need

According to one survey, only about 11% of Americans know their daily calorie requirements; of course, the rest of us typically overestimate. Unfortunately, overestimating the number of calories you need can sabotage your weight loss efforts.

How to do it better:

Take some time to accurately calculate the number of calories you need each day. Then divide this number into 3 main meals and one snack. You’ll know exactly what you can (and can’t) eat to stay on track.



You Think You’re Doing a Good Job Staying Active

Even though an afternoon of running errands can leave you feeling like you’ve had a strenuous workout, chances are you’ve only burned a few hundred calories.

How to do it better:

Short bursts of intense activity will burn more calories. In fact, according to a study recently published in the Journal of Applied Psyiology, intense activity can burn up to 36% more fat. A leisurely 1 hour stroll will burn approximately 150 calories; however, if you pick up the pace for just 1 minute of each 5 you walk, you’ll burn about 1/3 more calories. Whatever your favorite activity, try to pick it up and increase the intensity for more fat burning benefits.



You Eat Nutritious Foods – Make Sure You’re Watching Portion Sizes

While it’s definitely important to make healthy food choices, it’s also important to watch the quantity of what you consume.

How to do it better:

Just because you’re making healthy food choices, doesn’t mean that you’re not overindulging. The number of calories will also count. Know how many calories you have allotted for each meal/snack and make sure you don’t go overboard – even with healthy foods.



Dining Out and Eating Healthy

Eating out can be one of those things that can quickly throw your weight loss efforts into a tailspin; however, just about every restaurant has healthy, low calorie options that can keep you on track.

How to do it better:

Make your choices before you even get to the restaurant. Many restaurants now have online menus and nutritional information to help you make an informed choice. You might be surprised to discover that your low-calorie pick isn’t as low in fat and calories as you thought.


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