Fast Weight Loss with Green Coffee


Fast Weight Loss with Green Coffee Beans
Fast Weight Loss with Green Coffee Beans

Lose Weight with Green Coffee

Good news coffee drinkers! Recent studies suggest that drinking green coffee can help you lose weight fast. Additionally, it can also help with cellulite reduction. That’s right; your favorite morning beverage is now a great weight loss brew, with one little exception – it has to be green coffee.


Green Coffee for Fast Weight Loss

The coffee used for quick weight loss results is green coffee. Many people are not familiar with green coffee, but it is basically a 100% natural coffee bean which has not been roasted. The dark brown coffee beans that we all know so well are simply green coffee beans that have been roasted.


How to Lose Weight Fast with Green Coffee Extract

Research suggests that coffee brewed from green, unroasted beans can help promote significant weight loss. The boost in weight loss is due to natural compounds found in the green coffee beans. This recent research mirrors other studies that have linked an increase in weight loss to drinking green tea.

Study results indicate that green coffee can provide the same amazing weight loss results. The unroasted coffee beans have the ability to burn extra fat and increase the body’s metabolism. In fact, green coffee appears to be even more potent than green tea for fast weight loss. Drinking green coffee extract is an excellent way to take advantage of the weight loss benefits found in green coffee beans.


Roasting Coffee Beans Limits Weight Loss Benefits

Scientist and lead author of the study, Hiroshi Shimoda, together with his colleagues, has determined that unroasted coffee beans contain two different types of compounds; the first compound is caffeine, and the second is chlorogenic acid, along with its related compounds. The research team discovered that chlorogenic acid is stable at room temperature, but it becomes unstable at high temperatures; such as those used to roast coffee beans.

Most coffee beans are roasted at temperatures ranging from 464° F to 482° F; this roasting process results in the breakdown of the chlorogenic acid while forming the dark brown and aromatic Maillard reactants. These are the chemicals which give roasted coffee beans their characteristic aroma and flavor. Based on their research, Shimoda suggests supplementation of green coffee bean extract.


Green Tea for Fast Weight Loss

A study at the University of Geneva in Switzerland found that green tea can help with weight loss. Green tea, which is not typically roasted, retains its fat burning benefits because the catechin polyphenols present in the tea and which are attributed to helping increase metabolism are not destroyed by the high temperatures associated with roasting.


Green Coffee for Cellulite

The weight loss benefits of green coffee are certainly clear; however, many studies are also reporting that it can actually help reduce unsightly cellulite. Most people know that there are very few methods, outside of liposuction, that will actually help reduce cellulite.

Green coffee extract can help you lose weight and get rid of cellulite.  It’s important that the green coffee product contain both chlorogenic acid as well as the natural caffeine. Weight loss and cellulite reduction benefits are a result of both of these compounds working together.

Green coffee should be a part of every weight loss program; it can help increase metabolism, burn fat and reduce cellulite.


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