Lose Weight Fast with 28 Fat Burning Tips


28 Tips to Help You Lose Weight FAST

Boost Your Metabolism and Burn More Fat for Super Fast Weight Loss


28 Ways to Lose Weight Fast
28 Ways to Lose Weight Fast


Take a Selfie

Research has shown that taking pictures, especially if they are full body shots or show your waist to hip ratio, can be very motivating. You don’t have to post your selfies, but seeing the progress you’ve made can help keep you on the right track.


Stock Up On Green Tea

Green tea not only has cancer fighting properties, but it can also help boost your metabolism. When you want to lose weight fast, a higher metabolism can certainly help.


Pump Iron

Weight training will help you to burn calories fast! When you weight train, you increase your resting metabolic rate. This is basically the number of calories you burn when your body is at rest.


Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol can actually slow your metabolism. If you don’t want your meal heading straight to your hips or belly, choose water instead of wine or a mixed drink.


Interval Training

Rev up your workouts with interval training. High intensity interval training is a huge metabolism booster. Interval training will also burn more fat than aerobic exercise that is done without the high intensity intervals.


Eat More Dairy

According to a study that was published in the Obesity Research journal, women who ate low-fat dairy products, three to four times a day, lost 70% more fat than women who followed a diet that was low in dairy. Calcium acts as a trigger that tells your body to burn the excess fat at a faster rate.


Start a New Sport

If you want to boost your metabolism, consider a little cross training. When you do the same exercise routine day in and day out, your body will become accustomed to the activity and you’ll actually burn fewer calories. Kick start your metabolism by taking up a new activity. You’ll not only give your metabolism a boost, but you’ll also burn more calories, and work different muscles for better overall fitness.


Snack During the Day

When you eat throughout the day, your body will be able to maintain a higher metabolism. Aim for 5 small meals each day. Each meal should be about 200 to 500 calories.


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