How to Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast



Lose Weight Fast with Effective Weight Loss Tips

Sometimes losing weight can be more of a struggle than it needs to be.  Quick weight loss is possible with the right tips and tricks; they can help get you over your weight loss hurdles.  Unfortunately, many people don’t even know how to lose weight, much less how to lose weight FAST.  Fight the battle of the bulge with these quick weight loss tips and get a healthier and fitter you!


Make your meals and snacks attractive:

Don’t eat pretzels, popcorn or other snacks straight out of the bag.  Find an attractive bowl and put a small portion in it.  It’s wonderful and feels special to enjoy your treat served in a pretty bowl, plus you’ll have the added advantage of being able to avoid the temptation of inhaling the entire bag.


Support yourself – Don’t Quit:

Friends, relatives and co-workers can provide a fantastic support team. Get them onboard with your weight loss efforts and you’ll have your own fat loss cheering squad.


Munchies on the Go:

When you get home from the market, clean, chop and package celery, carrots and other low-calorie snacks and you’ll always have a “grab bag” ready to go.  Quick and convenient snacks will fit right into your weight loss diet!


Spice it up:

Try a sprinkling of cayenne pepper, chili powder, ginger or cinnamon to add extra zing and flavor to your food, this can make your meals much more appealing.  These spices can help you avoid diet boredom, so you won’t be tempted to head for high calorie alternatives like butter.


It’s Not Over:

Your diet is not “ruined” just because you had a little tumble from your weight loss plans.  In fact, you have to indulge in a whopping 3,500 calories before you gain one little pound!  Just because you have an occasional slip is no reason to give up.  Forgive yourself, review your diet tips, and get back on target with your goals.


Un-Obsess Yourself:

You need to start thinking of food as fuel, rather than an indulgence that you’re being deprived of.  Ask yourself simple questions, like “Am I hungry?” “Am I bored, stressed or tired?” “What food does my body need?”  These are the questions that will help you change how you think about food.


Have a date:

If you have a sweet tooth and are craving a treat, have a date.  Dates are soft and sweet, much like a caramel, but dates contain less than 50 calories each.  They’re also a healthy way to satisfy a craving for something sweet.


Weigh your Food:

Use a scale to weigh portion sizes for faster weight loss; a scale is the most accurate way to know exactly how much you’re actually eating.  Many people have no idea what an appropriate serving looks like, but weighing your food can help you get a handle on how much food makes up a serving.


Enjoy your food:

Your low-calorie meals and snacks should be enticing and have visual appeal as well as taste great.  Use spices, sharp cheeses, slivered almonds, peppers, deliciously ripe and sweet fruit or vine fresh veggies.  Savor the flavors while enjoying low calorie meals and snacks.


Go Green:

Green tea that is!  Green tea not only hydrates and fills you up, but it’s also loaded with antioxidants; it burns fat and boosts your metabolism as well.  How much more could you ask for when trying to lose weight fast?


Get Dressed:

Get dressed, even if you don’t feel like working out.  If you put on your workout clothes, it can help motivate you, and it will get you one step closer to actually doing your exercise routine.


Get an Indoor Grill:

An indoor electric grill like the George Foreman Grill is a great way to cook fat-free meals, and it squeezes excess fats from the foods you’re grilling.



Make working out a fun part of your day by playing a game of tennis, dancing or splashing in the pool.  The idea is to keep moving and have fun at the same time.  If you want to lose weight fast, all this extra activity is going to help get you there, even if you’re having fun!



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